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Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one through the negligence of another can have an incredible emotional and financial impact on the family left behind. Your family may be able to recover damages for the loss of a loved one through a wrongful death claim.


Wrongful death claims arise in circumstances where one party’s negligence caused the death of another. Some common example of types of cases that result in wrongful death include:


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We understand the loss of a loved one can effect generations. The unexpected and wrongful death of a family member can also cause great economic stress and from medical bills, loss of income, funeral expenses and more. We treat our clients with understanding and compassion. We understand that this is one of the most difficult times a person can endure and the thought of trying to deal with insurance companies, on top of all the other issues, can be overwhelming for a family that is still grieving.

To make it easier for our clients, we offer:


Although it is impossible to ever fully recover for your losses in a wrongful death case, action can be taken against the at-fault party to obtain compensation for your loss. In all cases of wrongful death, we deal with the insurance companies and their attorneys for you.  We work with our clients to help show and support the losses they have suffered from the wrongful death. Our goal is to obtain fair compensation from the at-fault party through either a settlement or a lawsuit.


Act quickly!

The McDowell Law firm should be your first call if you’ve suffered the loss of a family member. It is essential you hire an experienced Colorado wrongful death attorney to protect your rights against insurance companies that are more worried about their bottom line. The sooner we are involved in a case, the easier it is for us to obtain and collect evidence, speak with witnesses while their memory is fresh, and address any other factors that arise in the beginning of a case. We can help with recorded statements, dealing with the insurance company and attorneys, and collecting the necessary documents to build your case.

How do I get started on my case?

Call the McDowell Law Firm at (719)227-0022 to set up a free consultation and case evaluation with Mr. McDowell personally. He will review the facts of your case and have a discussion with you about the process of a wrongful death lawsuit in Colorado. There is a strict statute of limitations in Colorado of two years in wrongful death cases. The sooner we begin your case we can work with you to obtain a favorable result. You can also contact us via email.