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Best lawyer in Colorado Springs

I felt at ease with Mr. McDowell immediately. He met with me for an hour and half for our first meeting. I asked a ton of questions and he walked me through every stage of the process. I wanted to hire an attorney because I didn’t want to miss something or be taken advantage of. I wanted to know what I was doing was the right decision.


Great Lawyer

Josh is a great attorney. When I first met with Josh he was very nice and assured me we could get through my case in the smoothest way possible. Josh was there by my side for everything and helped me every step of the way. I could not recommend a better attorney. If you need a lawyer please set up an appointment with Josh and you will not be disappointed.



Great attorney

Mr. McDowell is a guy who really knows his stuff. He is confident in his ability and made me feel good right away. I had tons of questions and I knew he was being honest with his answers. Many people have a bad impression of lawyers in general, so I was nervous in finding the right one. I did go through a process of interviewing several lawyers. I had trouble finding someone who I felt wasn’t trying to sell me on what I wanted to hear. Josh was upfront and honest and I felt comfortable with him and his manner of communicating with me.