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About Josh McDowell

The thing I enjoy most about the practice of law is working for the little guy. Going up against the “Goliaths” (read: insurance companies, the Government) is what helps get me up every morning. That, and my three little boys who are usually in my room before 5 AM, even on weekends. I believe in what I do, and who I represent. Everyday I know something new is coming in, and I welcome the challenge.

I went to undergrad at Brigham Young University, where I studied Portuguese, of all things. Being fluent in Portuguese comes is handy about twice a year, and has given me the opportunity to work with Colorado’s small, but growing, Brazilian and Portuguese communities. (It also means I can order off menu items at Brazilian steakhouses). I received my law degree in my hometown of Boulder, at the University of Colorado. This is also where I met my wife, who besides being the best decision I ever made, has influenced me to keep pursuing what makes me happy in my career.

My first job after law school was as an associate at a large civil litigation firm in Denver-which I don’t recommend to anyone who has a soul. After that, I came to Colorado Springs to work at the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office as a Deputy District Attorney. More than anything, being a D.A. gave me a lot of courtroom and trial experience. There is no substitute for being in front of a jury, thinking on your feet, and relying on your preparation.

Now I work directly with clients who have been injured through no fault of their own. People who are on their way to work, out for a motorcycle ride, or taking the kids to school. In short, people who are going about their daily business and then had everything change in an instant. Maybe someone else was texting, looking at their navigation, in a hurry, not paying attention, had an animal loose in their car (we see it all)… then BAM! They’ve been hit head on, T-boned, side swiped or ran off the road. They’ve suffered severe injuries, their car is totaled, they’re going to be out of work, or laid up in the hospital for days or even weeks. WE CAN HELP YOU. This is what I do all day. There is no magic wand to take away the pain, lengthy recuperation and losses you’ve suffered. My job is to deal with the insurance companies to get you compensation for your injuries that their insured caused.

Come in and meet with me and we can discuss what happened to you and how we can work together to make sure your interests are covered. This won’t cost you thousands of dollars out of your pocket. We work on a contingency fee basis on accident cases, which means we only get paid when you do-when the case settles. Shoot me an email or give me a call, I’ll meet with you personally and give you an honest assessment of your case.

We take cases all over the State of Colorado. I’m happy to come to your house or even the hospital if you’ve been severely injured, or are otherwise unable to meet at my office.

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